CSS Exam Results 2009-2016: Percentagewise look at students failing every year


This year’s CSS Exam Results has left people in deep shock as this year 98 % students have failed to clear the CSS written test, making it one of the worst ever result in CSS history.


Only 2 percent passing students will be further going for an interview, though at the same time failing of 98% superior services aspirants raises several questions among educationists nationwide.

It will be worth mentioning here that every year, the passing percentage of students in CSS exams is facing downfall, now one can not clearly point out the real problem behind the scene as the educationists nationwide claim that higher educational structure in Pakistan is getting better by every passing day.

This year 20,717 students applied for the examination, 9643 students appeared for the exams and out of them only 202 candidates passed the written test.

Here are the CSS Exam Results 2009-2016 (Students Failing Percentagewise):

2009: 84.15%
2010: 91.78%
2011: 90.27%
2012: 92.06%
2013: 97.92%
2014: 96.67%
2015: 96.89%
2016: 97.91%

With this percentage one can clearly see that from last several years minimum students have cleared the exams.


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