Data Share Bundle: Here’s how Zong users can share their internet with friends and family

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 26/07/2016)

Zong is one of the rapidly growing cellular service providers in Pakistan, with just several years of its inception in Pakistan it can now be counted as one of the most successful telecos of Pakistan.

In battle to be the best, every cellular service provider brings some new innovation to the industry, although the inventiveness always not assures your success but it creates more chances of leaving your competitors behind.

Zong, the first cellular services provider company in Pakistan to launch 4G in Pakistan, is working on this continuously. Now keeping in view customers demand, they have unleashed ‘Data Share Bundle’, by using which one Zong user can share internet with up to 10 friends and family members.

Only one person has to buy the data share bundle, whereas all the added group members can enjoy it without any charges as long as the subscribed data share bundle volume is available.

The people you share your internet bundle with can use internet irrespective of where they are at that time.

Zong Data Share Bundle Packages

Data Share Bundle

How to Subscribe:

Dial *6464*5# & follow the following steps

  • Step 1: Create Group
  • Step 2 : Subscribe to a bundle
  • Step 3 : Add member & start sharing!

How can group owner check Data Share Bundle Usage

Dial *6464*5# >4>1

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