Zong New 3G/4G Internet Packages


One of the biggest cellular companies in the country in term of mobile internet users, Zong, has publicly revised its 3G and 4G mobile data plans. According to an advertisement published by Zong in newspapers across the country, “In order to maintain the same standard of fast and uninterrupted services, our monthly 4GB internet bundle will be revised with effect from August 02, 2016.”Zong


If you were enjoying 4GB internet for Rs. 5oo + tax than from August 02, 2016 the prices will be Rs. 600 + tax. The validity period of thirty days will remain same. However, the volume will be extended from 4GB to 6GB. Monthly prices are going to increase, but the volume will be increased as well with 2 GB.

Extra benefits are not the part of current Zong package, but the revised plan is coming with additional benefits. After August 02, 2016, as per revised plan, you will get GNO every night for thirty days (1 GB FUP every night from 1 AM to 9 AM).

Overall, Zong revised plan will go in favour of its customers. Before revision the price for 1 GB was Rs. 125 and after revision, it will be Rs. 100 for 1 GB. It is going to be the best one deal for its customers as with the minimal increase in price there is an increment in data usage as well.

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