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Does Australia approved visa-free entry for Pakistanis?

(Last Updated On: 08/11/2016)

Pakistanis woke up to an unprecedented good news days back and started spreading it without knowing its validity or authenticity.

The news which might have shocked hundreds of Pakistani states that Pakistan and Australia have signed an agreement, following which Pakistani passport holders will require no visa to travel to Australia.

The news site ‘Cnn-alive’ came up with this news, which become the talk of the town, and ignited debates on social media.

After checking it with reliable sources, we came to know that the story causing stir was nothing more than a hoax.

Pakistanis who were on cloud nine after getting this news would surely be disappointed. Even many of the sensible netizens also got stuck with this con-story which was aimed to get attention.

The fake news content seemed to be well structured story as it even stated the  ‘self created’ Australian Foreign Affairs Ministers statement.

After checking from the prominent news sources it is confirmed that it is a  baseless story and no such agreement or talks are underway.

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