Top 15 Beautiful News Anchors and Hosts in Pakistan


The kingdom of media has turned into a steaming industry as a profession choice. Great deals of adolescents are beginning to consider this as a perpetual profession alternative. Not just because the entire country adheres to the TV to remain redesigned on different news bolster far and wide, however, there is likewise a colossal touch of marvelousness being added to zest things up. There are an impressive number of most sizzling ladies reporters the world, yet this article concentrates just on the excitement of Pakistan. Much the same as the impressive universe of Lollywood, the dangerous and striking field news coverage is home to the absolute most shocking wonders. We’ve gathered together the Gorgeous News Anchors’ in India at this moment.


Who is the most fabulous newscaster’s Pakistani TV? Have a look at what we have got for you:

  1. Madiha Naqvi, Dunya TV

  2. Madiha Abid Ali, 92 Channel

  3. Faiza Sherazi, 7 News

  4. Asma Sherazi, Aaj News

  5. Maira Butt, Channel 5

  6. Sameena Rana, Capital TV

  7. Rafia Awan, Samma News

  8. Aneela Aslam, 7 News

  9. Gharida Farooqi, Express-News

  10. Sara Alfred, Aaj TV

  11. Fiza Khan, C-42

  12. Mehak Aslam, 92 News

  13. Sanam Jung, HUM TV

  14. Reham Khan

  15. Hina Arya, Neo TV Network

Faisal Sardar

Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan. He is also co-founder of this project.