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Dubai is the World’s Most Cosmopolitan City with having 83% foreign residents

(Last Updated On: 20/01/2016)

It just not has Burj Khalifa or Safari deserts which are attracting the people from all across the globe. The enormously flourishing city is not any more just a tourist attraction as Dubai is now the top on the list of world’s most cosmopolitan city which shows the trust of foreigners to the deluxe scintillating life of Dubai. Formerly, it was just known as a tourist attraction, but the latest report shows that it has around 83% of foreign residents. That means it is a highly durable residence for the people to enjoy, means from millionaires to the job hunters everybody is looking Dubai as their first preference.

In the latest revealed list by the International Organisation for Migration Dubai is on the top of the list of ‘The World’s Most Cosmopolitan Cities’ with having 83% foreign residents. The other cities on the list are as follows:

Brussels: 62%
Toronto: 46%
Auckland: 39%
Sydney: 39%
Los Angeles: 39%
Singapore: 38%
London: 37%
New York: 37%
Melbourne: 35%
Amsterdam: 28%
Frankfurt: 27%
Paris: 25%
Stockholm: 23%

The report shows the perfect execution of Dubai officials idea to modernize the city.


Dubai- The World’s Most Cosmopolitan City

As we know that, United Arab Emirates (UAE) was established in 1971 since then it has been in the top gear to show its superiority on the map. And in last 1 or 2 decades, it has gained widely known for its tourism. UAE constitutes of seven emirates, out of which Dubai is the second largest with around 2.3 million inhabitants. And now the latest report confirms it as the city possessing largest number of foreign residents.

Dubai- From a Pakistanis Eye


As mentioned above that Dubai was a decade before just recognized as a city for tourism and entertainment. But now the report tells that beside tourism many people opt Dubai as to earn their livelihood. Similarly, many Pakistanis prefer Dubai for the employment opportunities, especially the blue collar jobs.


It is the matter of fact that when it is about natural scenarios, one would surely be preferring Pakistan. Whereas, one looking at a place highly developed place with full freedom he/she will be choosing Dubai as destination. Many Pakistanis also visit Dubai for the similar purpose, mostly on New Year and other eves.

Home Sweet Home

As we know that Pakistan and UAE hold some strong bonding and are quite cooperative with each other in different aspects. UAE is like a second home to Pakistan’s Cricket, as the international cricket is adjourned in Pakistan since the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan team. All of the home series of Pakistan are staged in UAE as it as a kind of their home ground.

Pakistan Super Leaugue (PSL)

Pakistan is going to have its very own first international cricket league called PSL, which will be commencing from 4th February and the venues for this event are Dubai and Sharjah.

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