Snapshot Of Pakistan Telecommunication Policy 2015-2016 by MoIT

As a milestone development for future years development and growth ICT as well as Telecommunications Industry of Pakistan the Economic Coordination Committee has authorized the Telecommunications Policy 2015 during its gathering held on 11th December 2015 under the provision of Section 8 of Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act, 1996 (Amended 2006).

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication on 18th January 2016 officially introduced the “Telecommunication Policy 2015”, that was authorized by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) last month

Telecommunications providers named a policy as a landmark and switch for the field advancement; however, they connected it with the situation of execution. They appreciated the policy and termed it that it will open new doors of growth and expansion.

Jeffrey Hedberg, CEO Mobilink and Jeffrey Hedberg, CEO Mobilink cherished the policy and termed it a platform which will accelerate the development and advancement of the telecom industry. They added, by sticking to the policy we can take this industry to new heights. Meticulous efforts of the employers are required to achieve this niche in the limited time frame and if the policy is implemented and executed in true sense it will lead the industry to the desired goals.

Mr. Liu Dianfeng, CEO Zong and CEO Warid Muneer Farooqui also praised the policy and said that it would play a vital part in the upcoming years. Adnan Shahid, Chief Commercial Officer of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) symbolizing the President Walid Irshaid declared the organization recognized the actual initiatives of the reverend as well as her group. However, he explained that taxes on the internet must be resolved with regard to offering along with permitting atmosphere that enables the broadband internet services to thrive.

The perspective articulated within the scheme is accessibility to universal, inexpensive, cost effective and substantial high-quality telecommunication services supplied by means of open up, competing and properly handled marketplaces which can be employed by individuals to the advantage of the economy and society. A policy provides different fresh components like competitors platform, spectrum technique, spectrum sharing, satellite communication, Outrageous services, unity etc., that have been not contained in previous policies. It is anticipated that competitiveness structure will help to make telecom market more effective when it comes to service quality and selection of solutions accessible to the consumers. A significant fresh aspect of the new scheme pertains to the preventative measure of a balanced strategy to frequency spectrum management in the country.

Competition Rules, Licensing framework, Termination or transfer of a telecom business, Single Mobility for LL Licensees, VoIP and other Over-the-Top (OTT) services, Peering and exchange points, Cross-border point to point (bilateral) links were the important points addressed in the policy.

Download ECC Approved the Telecommunications Policy 2015:

Pakistan Telecommunication Policy 2015-2016 by MoIT


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