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Dunya Media Group acquires World Call

(Last Updated On: 19/02/2016)

In a latest update, Dunya Media Group owned by Mian Amer Mehmood has acquired 70% of shares of World Call, the official words over this are still to come although reliable sources have told about Dunya Media Group to start another endeavor.

The owner of Dunya Media Group also holds the largest Colleges chain in Pakistan, and acquiring World Call gestures about showing versatility in the field.

Hereby, sources also told that official setup of Dunya Media Group have taken place, even the singing has also taken place, although the publicization of this will be made after getting approval from the regulatory authorities in Pakistan.

The experts were also of the opinion that Omantel, which is the leading service provider company in Oman has witnessed heft loses ever since they acquired World Call back in 2008. They further elaborated as the losses were being stuck to them as they faced technological deficiencies and managerial issues.

It is also mentioned here that, Dunya Media Group got lure towards this deal as World Call is in run to bid for the DTH license in which just several companies were shortlisted. And with Dunya acquiring World Call now, will be directly allowing them to broaden their services.

No more updates about World Call’s acquiring have yet arrived on the surface although complete details will be coming our way in some days.

According to the sources, the current share position of World Call after Dunya Group’s acquiring will be as follows:

  • Dunya Media Group: 70%
  • Former Governor Punjab Salman Taseer (late): 12%
  • Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE): 18%

World Call provides following services:

  • Broadband (Wireless and Wire line)
  • Cable TV (Analog / Digital / VOD)
  • Wireless Local Loop
  • Long Distance and International Call
  • Metro Fiber Lease
  • International Calling Cards and Call Shops

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