Fake Khana Kaba in Kenya Pics

(Last Updated On: 08/10/2016)

We are not clear whether Islam has got another sect or it is a conspiracy theory by the enemies of one of the largest religions in the

Hajj is said to be the essential part of the five pillars of Islam. According to recent reports, some people in Kenya and Tunisia have made the replica of Holy Kaaba and are performing Tawaf and other requirements as well. But they have negated the same and said it had been made for the training of people to ease the Hajj pilgrim at the annual occasion of

They called themselves the New Group of Muslims and also had a point of view that for those locals who are suffering from multiple diseases; Hajj should be performed There is also news from the Baluchistan that Zikri sect has also built a fake Kaaba in Baluchistan for performing annual pilgrim of Hajj. They are performing are manasik of Hajj and claims there is no need to go Saudi Arabia for performing this.

Fake Khana Kaba Video

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