Fawad Khan to play Alamgir in biopic Albela Rahi!


In another latest move, yet it is once again proved that our new cinema generation is moving in the right direction. As the young aspiring filmmakers have left the veterans far behind with their idea to pay the tribute to the legend of the industry and one they opt to make a film on is none other than the singer Alamgir, who is regarded as the first pop singer of the nation.


The film will be a biopic of the legendary singer, which will be showing the struggle and enthusiasm of the singer who rocked on with his unique singing style and become the sensation countrywide.

But now likely like all others legend we have also forgotten him, the might contribution he did, the music genre he introduced in Pakistan, has just remain the past as we people never commemorate or pay tribute to the legends.

It all changed in as the young talent Sultan Ghani is all set to recall us the Alamgir Khan’s era. As he is making a biopic film named on the famous song of Alamgir ‘Albela Rahi’, this epic film will be produced by the Fog Catcher Films and holds some talented young lads to make this film a big hit on the board.


The most exciting part about the film is that the star Fawad Khan will be playing Alamgir in the biopic. Yeah, you heard it right Fawad Khan the Pak-Ind heartthrob will be starring in the film. In the recent held, event regarding the film Fawad and the makers of the film had good time with the legend singer Alamgir Khan via online video call.

Fawad described the opportunity to ply Alamgir in the film as ‘excited’ and also sang famous song ‘Albela Rahi’ to anticipate the audience of the show.

Later, the star took to his Twitter and revealed about his new endeavor, along with it he also posted some of the pictures of the show.


So far the makers haven’t unveiled any release date and information regarding the other cast of the film. But it seems that film will be hitting the screens in 2017 and will also be possessing some big names of the Pakistani entertainment industry.





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