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Free WiFi in Multan: List of Locations and Public Hotspots

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 27/10/2016)

Towards making the Punjab a global level of the province and to facilitate the better coordination between the people, the Government of Punjab in April had announced to install the free Wi-Fi hotspots in significant public places in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Multan. Free WiFi had been made available to Lahore in the mentioned month, and now its Multan turns to get the free WiFi at almost thirty places.

Free Wi-Fi that was the long-discussed project of the Punjab Government is going to become a reality now. Punjab Information Technology Board and Umar Saif Vice Chancellor of ITU and Chairman PBIT have shared the news of the free Wi-Fi. According to recent news by the PBIT, the preparations to provide the free WiFi to Multan have been finalized. PBIT is going to provide the free WiFi in collaboration with PTCL.

Under the initiative of the Punjab Government to provide free WiFi, the centers will be set up in the three cities at parks, bus stands, and government offices. Lahore had already got this free service, and now Multan is going to be enlisted, and Rawalpindi will be the runner up.

List of Locations and Public Hotspots

  • Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU)
  • Ghant Ghar, Qilla Qasim Park
  • Katcheri
  • Main Laari Adda/Vehari Chowk
  • Rasheed Abad
  • Chungi Number 6/Emerson College
  • Dera Adda
  • Qasim Bela
  • Cantonment/Jheel Park
  • Urdu Bazar near Pizza Hut
  • Rescue 1122 Office/Sabzi Mandi
  • Mumtaz Abad
  • Shah Shams Park
  • Officer Colony
  • Mian Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture
  • Nishtar Medical College/Nishtar Hospital
  • Art Council
  • G. College for Boys
  • Millat Degree College
  • Dolat Gate/Govt. Walliat Hussain Islamia College
  • Shah Rukn e Alam/Thana Chowk or Allama Ibal Open University Campus

Each hotspot will accommodate almost three hundred users at a time. For the information of the readers, free Wi-Fi in Multan will be available by the start of the first week of November 2016. We will update the list when we will get the further information about places.

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