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Hisham Sarwar: Rawalpindi based freelancer who have earned over $1 Million

(Last Updated On: 06/01/2016)

Freelancing in Pakistan has become a big business buzz but yet many have not kicked off well as they have not any ideal hailing from their own areas. But now you even can’t make this excuse ever again as Hisham Sarwar, hailing from Rawalpindi has earned more than $1 million by freelancing.

Hisham Sarwar is very few of those who have set a mighty success and are making people belive that they can also go for this. Although, the success story of this IT enthusiast is also a big recommendation for all as he putted in his possession in his passion, which made him a freelancer with over $1 Million earnings.

This Rawalpindi lad got his graduation from Punjab College of Commerce, as many others got but now what he have achieved is might be a dream for many ‘wannabes’.

He started his career with a regular job in a US based company, but sooner he recognized him as an IT creative designer, the thing which he did further is phenomenal is to meet his personal interest, beside 9 to 5 job he kicked off his freelancing career back in 2007 and set his goals.

Now the Freelancing Guru, in his solo career he took off to provide web design/development services on the platforms like Elance, Freelancer and Guru. And in last 5 years, he put his all concentration towards portal Guru and now have earned more than $1 Million profile sales at there and furthermore successfully booked slot among the top 10 freelancer on the portal.

Apart from a superb IT expert he always believe in giving it back to society, he has launched free app Konbola in awake of untoward incident and by simply one you are in trouble you can let this to your closed ones rapidly.

This is not all he is also intending to launch the project SAY, which seems to be making a big impact on the society as it will be letting you to get a carpenter, plumber, or any employee or services you need at the place you want. It will also be providing job opportunities for many daily wagers out in the country.

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