List of Endangered Animals in Pakistan


For its natural beauty, Pakistan is known as one of the most beautiful places for tourism. It is the fact that either these are the Northern areas valleys or the coastal side of Baluchistan, Pakistan is full of natural gifts. The diverse culture of the country, people, historical places and landscapes of the country are the main reasons to attract millions of people every year. Despite the fact that country is painted as an unsafe country to visit, Pakistan still attracts the above one million visitors from the world. But there are dozens of animals that are also the means of attraction of the tourist and the locals. However, there are many species that are endangered and are likely to lose their existence in upcoming years.


Here is the list of endangered animals in Pakistan.

1. Mountain Weasel800px-Mountain_Weasel_(Mustela_altaica)

Mountain weasel is that is also known by the name of Pale weasel lives in the high altitude areas of the Pakistani. This animal is already listed as endangering species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wildlife flora and fauna. Moreover, Pakistan occupied Kashmir Azad Jammu and Kashmir has also listed it as an endangered species in Pakistan.

2. Mountain Sheep/Markhor6a010535647bf3970b0115709f6528970b

Mountain sheep or Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. It is mostly found in the mountainous areas of Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, southern Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In 2015, Mountain sheep was declared as endangered species by the International Union for Conversion of Nature (IUCU). That means if conservation efforts are not maintained to look after this animal then is extinction will be in danger. At present, there are estimated 2,500 Mountain sheep in Pakistan.


3. Asian Black Bearasiatic-black-bear_5

Asian Black Bear founds in the Himalayas region. In Pakistan, there is Baluchistan black bear that is basically the subspecies of the Asian black bear. Due to population, their lives are in danger.  At present, there are only 1,000 Asian black bears in Pakistan and is likely to decrease with the passage of time if conservation efforts are not made to look after this endanger species. It has already been included in the list of endangering species in Pakistan.

4. Baluchistan Forest DormouseHaselmaus

Baluchistan forest dormouse is from the family of Gliridae. However it is from the species of rodent and endemic to Pakistan. This species is currently in Baluchistan only in the areas of Ziarat. According to IUCN, this species is not currently known from any protected areas. Research is needed to protect this species against threats and arrange the conservation needs.

5. Black Finless PorpoiseNeophocaena_phocaenoides_-Miyajima_Aquarium_-Japan-8a

Black Finless Porpoise mostly founds in Pakistani. Its living areas are around the coasts of Pakistan. Habitat loss, water pollution and boat traffic are endangering this species. In Pakistan, it has been declared as an endangered species across the southern coast of the Arabian Sea.

6. Burrowing VolePest-Ground-Burrowing-Rodent-Vole-01

Burrowing Vole is an epidemic to Azad Jammu and Kashmir and some regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Depletion of habitat because of human activities and livestock grazing are the major threats for its survival. This species is listed in the list of endangered animals in Pakistan. WWF has also highlighted the importance of protecting this species and asks for making conservation efforts.

7. Kashmir VoleMicrAna1

Kashmir Vole appears to be limited in few part of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Kashmir Vole is basically native to Pakistan and India only. It is not from the protected areas and requires protection.

8. European OtterOtter_in_Southwold

European Otter that is also known as the Old World Otter or Common Otter is a native to Asia and Europe. It is also founds mostly in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir where it is declared as an endangered species.

9. Marbled Polecat36b8bd56701cedc4e400f2190d1de5b7

Marbled Polecat is a small mammal found in the north-western deserts of Pakistan. This species is facing threats because of habitat destruction. It is also listed as endangered species in Pakistan by the concerned authorities.

10. Fishing Cat1280px-Fishing_Cat_(Prionailurus_viverrinus)_3

Fishing Cat is a medium size wild cat that is native to the South Asia. Current status of this species is that it is being encountered and believed to be declining. Degradation and wetland destruction are the primary threats for these species. Its hunting is prohibited in Pakistan there is a national legislation over most of its range.


Data from External Source as follows

Endangered Mammals in Pakistan by Pakistan Environmental Journalists

There are around 174 mammal species reported in Pakistan among which at-least three are endemic species (Roberts 1997). A total of 33 species of mammal in Pakistan are globally endangered. Up until now about 6 mammal that were previously part of Pakistan have been gone regionally extinct and 1 mammal is has an unknown status about its extant in Pakistan. Most of these animals are hunted for food, fur and trophy without realizing the consequences which is why we have create a list of endangered mammals in Pakistan as conservation of these animals is our responsibility.

Endangered Mammal of Pakistan Catalog

Click on the picture of animals to find the details.

Altai weasel (Near Threatened)
Argali (Near Threatened)
Asiatic Black Bear (Vulnerable)
Balochistan Forest Dormouse (Vulnerable)
Burrowing Vole (Near Threatened)
Central Kashmir Vole (Vulnerable)
Himalayan Brown Bear (Vulnerable)
Leopard (Vulnerable)
Striped Hyena (Near Threatened)
Cyprian Wild Sheep (Vulnerable)
Eurasian Otter (Near Threatened)
Marbled Polecat (Vulnerable)
Fishing Cat (Vulnerable)
Goitered Gazelle (Vulnerable)
Himalayan Goral (Near Threatened)
Gray Langur (Near Threatened)
Himalayan Musk Deer (Endangered)
Indian Pangolin (Endangered)
Kashmir Musk Deer (Endangered)
Markhor (Near Threatened)
Pallas’s Cat (Near Threatened)
Kashmir Red Stag (Critically_Endangered)
Smooth-coated Otter (Vulnerable)
Wild Goat (Vulnerable)
Black Finless Porpoise (Vulnerable)
Indus River Dolphin (Endangered)
Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin (Endangered)

Endangered Reptiles of Pakistan Catalog

Click on the picture of animals to find the details.

More work is being done to improve this catalog

Afghani Tortoise (Vulnerable)
Crowned River Turtle (Vulnerable)
Narrow-headed Softshell Turtle (Endangered)
Gavial (Critically Endangered)
Muggar (Vulnerable)
Indian Softshell Turtle (Vulnerable)
Peacock Softshell Turtle (Vulnerable)
Spotted Pond Turtle (Vulnerable)

Endangered Birds in Pakistan

There are around 786 bird species that are found in Pakistan. Of these 39 are rare or accidental. A total of 75 species of birds in Pakistan are globally endangered. Most of these animals are hunted for food, feathers and trophy without realizing the consequences which is why we have create a list of endangered birds in Pakistan as conservation of these animals is our responsibility.

Endangered Birds of Pakistan Catalog

Click on the picture of animals to find the details.

More work is being done to improve this catalog

Baer’s Pochard (Critically_Endangered)
Black-Bellied Tern (Endangered)
Black-Headed Ibis (Near_Threathened)
Black-tailed Godwit (Near_Threatened)
Bristled Grassbird (Vulnerable)
Cheer Pheasant (Vulnerable)
Cinereous Vulture (Near Threatened)
Dalmatian Pelican (Near_Threatened)
Egyptian Vulture (Endangered)
Eurasian Curlew (Near Threathened)
Ferruginous Duck (Near Threatened)
Great Indian Bustard (Critically_Endangered)
Greater Spotted Eagle (Vulnerable)
Asian Houbara Bustard (Vulnerable)
Indian Skimmer (Vulnerable)
Indian Spotted Eagle (Vulnerable)
Jerdon’s Babbler (Vulnerable)
Kashmir Flycatcher (Vulnerable)
Laggar Falcon (Near Threatened)
Lesser Flamingo (Near Threatened)
Lesser White-Fronted Goose (Vulnerable)
Little Bustard (Near Threatened)
Long-Billed Bush-Warbler (Near_Threatened)
Marbled Duck (Vulnerable)
Oriental Darter (Near Threatened)
Painted Stork (Near Threatened)
Pallas’s Fish Eagle (Endangered)
Pallid Harrier (Near Threatened)
Red-Headed Vulture (Critically_Endangered)
Rufous-Vented Prinia (Near_Threatened)
Saker Falcon (Endangered)
Sarus Crane (Vulnerable)
Siberian Crane (Critically_Endangered)
Sociable Lapwing (Critically_Endangered)
Tytler’s Leaf Warbler (Near_Threatened)
Western Tragopan Pheasant (Vulnerable)
White-Headed Duck (Endangered)
White-Rumped Vulture (Vulnerable)
Yellow-rumped Honeyguide (Near_Threatened)

Endangered Fishes in Pakistan

There are 531 species of Fish in Pakistan. 233 of them are of fresh water. A total of 91 species of fishes in Pakistan are globally endangered.  Most of these fishes are hunted for food and trophy without realizing the consequences which is why we have create a list of endangered fishes in Pakistan as conservation of these animals is our responsibility.

Endangered Fishes of Pakistan Catalog

Click on the picture of animals to find the details.

More work is being done to improve this catalog

Banded Eagle Ray (Vulnerable)
Big Eyed Tuna (Vulnerable)
Black-blotched Stingray (Vulnerable)
Bowmouth Guitarfish (Vulnerable)
Clubnose Guitar Fish (Vulnerable)
Brown-marbled Grouper (Near_Threatened)
Common Seahorse (Vulnerable)
Coral Catshark (Near Threatened)
Orange Spotted Grouper (Near_Threatened)
Flapnose Ray (Vulnerable)
Snaggletooth Shark (Vulnerable)
Grey Bamboo Shark (Near_Threatened)
Hammerhead Shark (Endangered)
Hardnose Shark (Near Threatened)
Japanese Devil Ray (Near_Threatened)
Knifetooth Sawfish (Endangered)
Longheaded Eagle Ray (Endangered)
Longtail Butterfly Ray (Near_Threatened)
Aral Barbel (Vulnerable)
Longcomb Sawfish (Critically_Endangered)
Oceanic Whitetip Shark (Vulnerable)
Pondicherry Shark (Critically_Endangered)
Porcupine Ray (Vulnerable)
Sharpnose Guitarfish (Vulnerable)
Winghead Shark (Vulnerable)
Smallscaled Grouper (Near_Threatened)
Smoothnose Wedgefish (Vulnerable)
Spotted Eagle Ray (Near_Threatened)
Whale Shark (Endangered)
Whitecheek Shark (Near Threatened)
Widenose Guitarfish (Vulnerable)
Wild Common Carp (Vulnerable)
Yellowfin Hind (Near Threatened)
Zebra Shark (Endangered)

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    The endangered species which are mentioned above need conservation and the first threat to every species it from local people and destroying of there habitat and due to climate change and in Pakistan some people focus on conservation like conservationist and the most people do not know about animals benefits so awareness of the people is the first activity do for the conservation of animals.


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