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How to Get New/Renew Computerized Arms License Cards from NADRA

Federal Ministry of Interior and NADRA have joined hands together for the issuance of a secure and reliable system for the issuance of Computerized Arms License Cards. The new regime that has been introduced by the NADRA will replace the old booklets system with a highly secure PVC Card. The new License for Possession of Fire Arm is convenient to carry just like a credit card. The best about this smart card based license card is that it is backed up by Verisys for the verification of the applicant’s particulars.

This card is not the ordinary one as it has been made foolproof and highly secure by the addition of multiple strong encryption and security of features. This card additionally holds electronic data of the weapon owner and weapon for immediate machine use and integration with other verification systems.


  • Verification of applicant particulars through NADRA’s Versys
  • Card bears weapon information for instant verification
  • Weapon Owner Track-ability through CNIC
  • Foolproof and Secure Document by introducing various security features
  • Machine readability through barcode for integration with other checking/ Verification systems
  • Secure Lamination on both sides with GOP Logos to be visible under ultraviolet light

Futuristic options:

Following technologies can be incorporated into the system

  • RFID
  • Fingerprint
  • Interactive data capturing
  • Central / Distributed issuance center
  • Online Verification facility for law enforcement agencies

How to Apply For Renewal of Arms License

  • Download form from here
  • Submit Rs. 1,400 in UBL. It is non-refundable amount
  • Submit the application for weapon or arms license in respective District’s Deputy Commissioner Officer
  • Visit the NADRA facilitation center of your area

At NADRA office:

  • Submit original deposit slip
  • Submit original copy of old arms license if you are applying for the renewal of license
  • Submit two recent passport size photographs.

After going through this process, the applicant will be given a token. Now applicants have to go pass-through a biometric verification system, photography, etc. After successful completion of the entire system, a new computerized temporary permit, and the old license will be canceled.

Front Side2-1

Back Side3

Designated NADRA Registration Centers for Arms License Re-Validation4

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