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Income Tax Slabs 2016-2017 for salaried persons

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 19/07/2016)

Pakistan Government is currently collecting Rs 79.4 billion from salaried citizens, and to get more from the tax payer already in nets, the Income Tax 2016-2017 for salaried persons is out.



Here it should be kept mentioned that salaried citizens with having earning Rs. 400,000 will not have to pay any kind of tax under this. Taking a rough view, a salaried person having around Rs. 33,000 average earning per month will not have pay any income tax.

With having annual salary over Rs. 400,000 and less than Rs. 7,50,000 would have to pay 5% off the amount exceeding Rs. 400,000.

With having annual salary over Rs. 750,000 and less than Rs. 14,00,000 would have to pay 10% off the amount exceeding Rs. Rs. 750,000 along with Rs.17,500.

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