Indian HAL Tejas vs. Pakistani JF-17 Thunder

Since the 1970, India and Pakistan are gradually increasing their weapons and arms capacity. It was India who first started to allocate heavy share from budget for defense purpose. Then came Pakistan who was then also in a need to pay attention to this sector as well. In terms of firepower, military strength, and defense budget, India is many a time higher than Pakistan but in term of quality product and level of professionalism, it is Pakistan who is leading over the international level. Recent sale and agreement of the JF-17 thunders with Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Uzbekistan are enough to proof that stance.

But here were making a comparison of the two latest aircrafts of the India and Pakistan named HAL Tejas and JF-17 Thunder respectively. Both are painted by the respective air forces as the fourth generation plus fighter jet. Moreover, the forces of both countries are aiming to arm these jets with a fifth generation close-combat missile system. In future, there HMS/D and the radar for targeting will be also integrated in these jets.


HAL Tejas

JF-17 Thunder

Engine typeGeneral Electric F404Turbofan
Top speed1,193 mph1,218 mph
Range528 mi2,163 mi
Weight14,330 lbs14,520 lbs
Wingspan27′ 0″31′ 0″
ManufacturerHindustan AeronauticsPakistan Aeronautical Complex

Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group

Introduced2010March 12, 2007
Empty Weight6,560 KG6,411 KG
Maximum Takeoff Weight13,300 KG12,700 KG
Internal Fuel Capacity2,458 KG2,300 KG
External Fuel Capacity2×1200 litre drop tank at inboard, 1×725 litre drop tank under fuselage.3 external fuel drop tanks (1× under-fuselage 800 litres, 2× under-wing 800/1100 litres each) for extended range/loitering time
Air-t-Air Missiles·         Astra

·         Derby

·         Python-5

·         R-77

·         R-73 (missile)


·         MAA-1 Piranha (Short-range)

·         AIM-9L/M (Short-range)

·         PL-5EII (Short-range)

·         PL-9C (Short-range)

·         PL-12 / SD-10 (Beyond visual range)


Bombs·         KAB-1500L laser-guided bombs

·         GBU-16 Paveway II

·         FAB-250

·         ODAB-500PM fuel-air explosives

·         ZAB-250/350 incendiary bombs

·         BetAB-500Shp powered concrete-piercing bombs

·         FAB-500T gravity bombs

·         OFAB-250-270 gravity bombs

·         OFAB-100-120 gravity bombs

·         RBK-500 cluster bomb stake


·         Unguided bombs:

·         Mk-82 (general purpose bomb)

·         Mk-84 (general purpose bomb)

·         Matra Durandal (anti-runway bomb)

·         CBU-100/Mk-20 Rockeye (anti-armour cluster bomb)

·         Precision guided munitions (PGM):

·         GBU-10 (Laser-guided)

·         GBU-12 (Laser-guided)

·         LT-2 (Laser-guided)

·         H-2 (electro-optically guided)

·         H-4 (electro-optically guided)

·         LS-6 (satellite-guided glide bombs)

·         Satellite-guided bombs


Unit Cost$24 Million for Mark I

$28 Million for Mark II

$25 Million for Block 1

$28 Millions for Block 2

Number Built16 including prototypes66 + prototypes
OperatorsIndian Air and Naval ForcesPakistan Air Force, Sri Lankan Air Force, Myanmar Air Firce

If a head to head comparison of the Pakistan Airpower and Indian Airpower is taken into consideration then it will look as:

Total Aircraft:

India – 1,905 ; Pakistan – 914


India – 629 ; Pakistan – 387

Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft:

India – 761 ; Pakistan – 387

Transport Aircraft:

India – 667 ; Pakistan – 278

Trainer Aircraft:

India – 263 ; Pakistan – 170


India – 584 ; Pakistan – 313

Attack Helicopters:

India – 20 ; Pakistan – 48

The airpower includes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft from all branches of service.

JF-17 Thunder Images

JF17-turkey-07 jf2 jf7 JF17-turkey-16 JF17-turkey-13 JF17-turkey-15 7 JF17-turkey-17 jf4 JF17-turkey-12 JF17-turkey-08

HAL Tejas Images 09 Tejas-det-2012_10DSC_8428-XL IMG_8705 Before_TO@Night-XL Chute_out-XL 10847435_774539169307200_8151850801205077668_o test-flights before-TO@GWL-XL Tejas-det-2012_12DSC_9402-XL Tejas-det-2012_11DSC_8443-XL

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