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Iqbal Day 9 November 2016: Govt Announced Youm-e-Iqbal Holiday

The Government of Pakistan on decree of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has resumed the National Holiday of 09 November.  Last year, government abounded the Iqbal Day holiday that has been no resumed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan after hearing the petition filled by Waleed Iqbal, son of Javed Iqbal and grandson of Allama Muhammad iqbal.cwupt8zxgaad6dy

According to the details the Federal Government declared that it National Holiday will be observed across Pakistan as Iqbal Day on Wednesday 09, 2016 and a Public Holidays will be observed as well on that day.

Last year, Iqbal Day holiday was cancelled by Federal Government. At that time many thinkers, disapprove the decision of government. Most of the people are against the excessive number of holidays but at the same time support the National Days and same is true in case of Iqbal Day as it is an exceptionally special day in the history of Pakistan.

“Iqbal’s thought embodies the ideology, the nazriya, of Pakistan.”

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  2. Muhammad Awais

    Can you please share that notification of SC of Pakistan regarding Iqbal Day?

  3. Any authentic news reference?? or any authentic reference of orders???

  4. if any one have notification of federal government 9 nov 16, on account of iqbal day pls inform me,

    i am very grateful to you

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    Haider Nagari

  5. asghar paracha

    any source of this news or just rumor?

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