Learn Complete PHP in Urdu: Videos, PDF Books & Practice Materials

Stands or Hypertext Preprocessor, PHP is generally used open source and general purpose web development language that can be used into HTML as well. In addition to embedding in the HTML code, this language can be used in combination with various web content management system, web template systems, and web frameworks.

PHP code is processed by a PHP interpreter implemented as a module as a Common Gateway Interface and web servers. The work on PHP was started in 1995. Now it is being used as a general purpose scripting language in web development. It can be embed in the HTML coding as well.

The field of web development in Pakistan is growing that’s why freelancers and others who are directly or indirectly linked to the web development are looking for the ways to either learn PHP or improve their basic concepts about PHP.

Here we are sharing some resources that will assist you in learning PHP step by step. Our list of materials contains the video tutorials, PDF books and practice material of the PHP in Urdu.

Check out some leading sources from where you can learn the complete PHP in Urdu.



PHP Learning eBook Urdu PDF


Learn PHP in Urdu on YouTube


Online Ustad




PHP Courses in Urdu


Urdu IT Academy


The YouTube link for PHP in Urdu given above contains the full information of PHP about dynamic website, XAMPP installation, all commands information, first PHP script, PHP variables, creating calculator application, online sources, learn sessions, PHP cookies, PHP header function, PHP manual functions, PHP conditional & logical operators, GET method, creating PHP registration form, uploading files to server via PHP, checking existing emails in database, creating simple website, creating CMS websites, and much more.

The above-mentioned resources are of great help for those beginners who already have knowledge of HTML and JavaScript and now want to learn server side language. For the information of the readers, it is recommended to get the knowledge of HTML first to get the complete grip on the PHP.


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