LLB in Pakistan now to be of 5 years, instated PBC

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(Last Updated On: 24/01/2016)

As the world is improving rapidly the antagonist forces or hurdles are also getting tougher by every passing day. What we can do to cope with all such conditions, is to enhance our educational standards.

It is well known fact and is called on various platforms that education is something necessary and is even mentioned as one of the basic right of people. Although, to study rightly, means the latest and factual based is something is a big question.

In a latest move, Pakistan Bar Council have extended the duration of LLB course from 3 years to 5 years. For the interest of stakeholders the PBC have also mentioned that this step is to improve the standard of legal education in the country.

In the latest press conference held, PBC also announced ‘Pakistan Bar Council Legal Education Rules, 2015’ after taking a compact review of the ‘Pakistan Bar Council Legal Education Rules, 1978’ and also observing the laws of ‘Affiliation of Law Colleges’ and ‘PBC (Recognition of Universities) Rules, 2015’.

The new set of rules have much within to up rise the standards of education of law. Here it should be mentioned that the the student who are already the LLB students will be getting this course done in 3 years, whereas from next session no university or institute will be allowed to offer this degree in 3-yrs course.

The comprehensive set of rules revised by the PBC also have something strong within them against the affiliation system, as it just become the franchise system and a whopping increase in institutes offering LLB also lessen the LLB’s efficiency.

Here are the important points of what PBC have instated. All the students who are thinking about pursuing their law career should keep this in mind and go with the university following this patterns as PBR is the regulatory body that promulgates the rules of law studies in the country and have authority to derecognise the institutes which didn’t follow their instructions properly.

  • LLB will be of 5 years.
  • No further admission to LLB (3 years programme) will be given by any university/law college. However, the present three years LLB programme shall discontinue after three years of enforcement of these rules.
  • It said the number of students admitted in first year LLB programme by a university/law college shall not be more than 100.
  • There shall be only morning classes and no evening class shall be permissible.

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