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Mini Electric Cars in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 22/08/2016)

After the Chinese based Suzuki Mehran we are continuously reading and other news about Smart Cars that are reportedly scheduled to enter in Pakistan. While that is not confirmed and the company in Pakistan named NK Smart Cars has no official presence on the internet as a website.NK-smart-car-front-white-e1471855009135

The trend of Smart Cars is gradually increasing across the globe because there are perfect for a single person who wants to explore the entire city and beyond. Well, the news about the Smart Car or Mini Electric Car that is circulating over the social media channels is entirely different from the internationals standard Smart Cars.NK-smart-car-interior-e1471854968971

The company named NK Smart Cars owned by Khurram Aftab is claiming to bring these cars to Pakistan. These are maintenance free cars and even do not require any petrol or CNG as a fuel consumption. Few batteries will do all. The importers claim for no overhauling or repairing cost at all because it doesn’t contain physically engine so there is any requirement for tuning of the engine, replacement of filter, oil changing or any other like traditional cars.14064193_1083862651700977_8994033309795011586_n

Commenting over this Chinese economic car, Khurram Aftab said, “My idea for introducing the smart car in Pakistani market was to make the lives of people hassle free who frequently buy fake parts for their vehicles and keep wasting their time and money. This mini car does not need oil, and there is no reason to change oil and air filters because it runs on battery, and no such thing exists inside. The concept is to save time and money.”14040070_1083862685034307_5162405314233941986_n

Price of Mini Electric Cars in Pakistan

Well on social media platforms you will surely have noticed the price of Rupee 50,000 that is not true at all. It is a marketing tactic. Of course, some cars will be sold against fixed price of Rupee 50,000, but only first a hundred buyers will be given that opportunity and rest will be charged with Rs. 600,000. Yes! It is half million.

Price is surely high for a car that contains an aluminum body and covered by fiber. Moreover, there is not AC or cooling system. There is a nine-inch fan same like installed in public transports and trucks. You cannot freely deal with door window as well. There is a sliding window on the main one.

Once available, if you will be interested in getting this car then bear in mind it will get almost four to five hours to get charged fully. So keep in mind the load shedding situation before going for that. Moreover, parts will not be easy although Khurram Aftab has said that his company will offer home service in case of issue.

NK Smart Cars Official Facebook Page


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