Multan Metro Bus Starts on Trial Basis: Route Map & Stations

Multan is finally going to get the full fledged Metro Bus service and will become the third metropolitan in Pakistan to get the service of international level. Today Punjab Metro Bus Authority has started the services of Metro Bus in Multan on trial basis.

As per the notification issued by Provincial Government, the service will be officially inaugurated in November 2016. After that, the service will be completely operational for the citizens. For the information of the reader, Provincial Government has temporarily handed over the services to a private company.

The project was completed at the cost of Rs. 28.50 billion while passengers will be charged Rs. 20 per head for anywhere traveling on the Multan Metro Bus Route.

Multan Metro Bus Route and Stations

BZU Multan
Shalimar Colony
Goal Bagh
9 NO. Chungi
Humayon road
Water Works Road
Daulat Gate
Masoom Shah Road
Gulistan Chowk
Chowk Kumharan Wala
Mandi Chowk
New Multan
Vehari Chowk
Fatima Jinnah Town
Bahawalpur By PassBilli Wala Ada (Khanewal to Multan Motorway interchange)

Multan Metro Bus Route Mapmetro-bus-multan-complete-and-final-route-map-558x600

Multan Metro Bus Pics357236_28973597 vlcsnap-2016-10-18-12h56m55s92 vlcsnap-2016-10-18-12h56m43s224 vlcsnap-2016-10-18-12h02m43s78

Overall Scenario of Metro Bus in Multan

Many have given suggestion that the route from Dera Adda to Vehari Chowk has already been covered by Faisal Movers AC buses, what government should try is to cover Multan right from Sher Shah By Pass to Vehari Chowk as huge mass of population also lives in area from Sher Shah to Dera Adda as well and that population needs transport more than anybody in Lahore.

Well Multan has also been importance as a big city since last government as we saw Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani made Multan city of flyovers during his ruling period and now Metro Bus in Multan will be another engaging work and Multan will become a blend of the historic plus modern city. Well, Multani is it time to get a ride in Metro.

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