Musclemania 2015 winner Pakistani body builder Salman Ahmad finishes fourth at Pro

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(Last Updated On: 28/06/2016)

Musclemania 2015 winner Pakistani body builder Salman Ahmad this time tried his luck at Musclemania Pro, falling little unfortunate amid world best body builders, this Lahore based hunk managed to get fourth position overall.

Salman Ahmad even after achieving such a triumph was not that happy as the people back home criticized him over not winning this contest. The Pakistani bodybuilder who was making the debut at Musclemania Pro competition hit back to the haters.

“I did my best and worked hard to reach where I am today,” he said. “Not everyone knows what we go through when we maintain our diet carefully for six months at a time.”

“This was a big thing for me, people are only looking at the fourth position, but they don’t understand that it was my debut at this,” Ahmed told The Express Tribune. “It’s been less than 12 hours since the competition ended, and I couldn’t sleep at all, just knowing that I was among the best bodybuilders in the world.”

About Salman Ahmad Pakistani body builder

He is the one who secured 2nd position in the Muscle Mania Universe Competition 2014, which was held in Miami. After gaining a huge reputation for Pakistan and becoming the first Pakistan to achieve such high standards in the body building. Despite all this on his return he wasn’t welcomed by the media and Governmental officials. On this, he got really depressed and narrated the whole struggle and the negligence of media and others who didn’t even recognized or appreciated him on representing Pakistan on such level.

After getting much disappointed, this guy made a video, in which he showed his rage against the one who aren’t caring and promoting the talent of Pakistan. Although, after all this he was shown on the screens for a while.

But in Musclemania 2015  he competed with more force and vigor and made headlines of his fabulous achievement on around all of the media channels as he ended up as a winners.

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