NHA to Expand Electronic Toll Collection System for All Motorways and Highways

In order to eliminate the delay on the toll plazas for the collecting the tolls, the National Highway Authority (NHA) is planning to expand the electronic toll collection system via which the commuters will be able to pay their toll tax via credit/debit cards and through mobile.

This will gradually make the ongoing cash toll collection system cashless tolling where the cash tolls will not be collected on the roadway. This will make the passengers travelling on the motorways and highways to even pay the toll fee from their mobile and keep their journey continue without stopping on the toll plazas.

The E-Tag facility has been already installed by the NHA on M-1, M-3, and M-h while FWO has installed M-Tag on M-2.

There will be the main advantage of electronic collection system that will be in shape of the availability of the location of the vehicles. It can be threat to privacy of the owners but the official will be able to know about the location of the vehicle as the collection system will record about the specific motor vehicles pass toll stations. In that’s way they can know about the location and the estimated location of the vehicle at specific times.

At present there are 71 toll plazas at the national highways and 28 plazas at the motorways.

At present, the manual toll collection system is around 350 transactions per hour that can expand to almost 1,000 transactions per hour in case of electronic toll collection system.

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