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No more NTS, HEC’s launched ETC will be conducting free tests for students

(Last Updated On: 17/04/2016)

In an even held on Friday, HEC along with top government officials and ministers have launched their own testing service, named Education Testing Council (ETC) that will be setting operational from spring 2017.

The newly launched HEC’s testing service will be conducting free testing services to students willing to get admission in public and private sector universities. It will be relevant to mention here that earlier these test were conducted by the NTS, which is a private commercial entity.

Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for planning and Reforms launched the testing service ETC, at the moment he was accompanied by the State Minister for Federal Education Balighur Rehman and Chairman HEC Dr Mukhtar Ahmed.

Initially ETC will be conducting the test for the undergraduate students later it will also be holding it for students willing to get admission in MS and PhD.

According to the announcements being made on the event, the test will conducted twice a year for the undergraduate students for free as all the expenses will be afforded by the government. The test will be valid for two years.

Speaking on the launching event, HEC chairman told that, “The test will be free for all students desirous of taking admission to public and private universities,” other than him, Balighur Rehman also shared his views about this testing system launch by HEC. While speaking to the attendees he praised the HEC for taking a much-needed step to maintain the educational standards in the country.

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