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No Need to Wash: Pakistani Student Introduces The First Ever Jeans ‘Odo’

(Last Updated On: 02/01/2016)

A student from Lahore University of Modern Sciences (LUMS) has worked out a type of Denim Jeans which is free from any stain and will not absorb odour.

Salman Chaoudhry’s project ‘Kick Starter‘ has become quite popular across the world owning to the ideas the student has been introducing under the project. Hailing from Lahore, Chaudhry names his project as Odo where he devised a Denims Jeans with the same title claiming to be the first every jeans which will neither let any stain to ting it nor any odour to get absorbed.

Jeans is one of the prolific type of garment that is seen put on by most of the people around the world. Many jeans lovers love it due to its ability continue much longer on the legs without demanding to get washed; however, it gets dirty after some time and it is not easy to wash it.

In colloquial language, this jeans is given the title of ‘Self cleaning jeans’, meaning it will be cleaned by itself automatically.

The Kick Starter Movement has become the most successful movement across the world driven by Pakistan. The innovator has also produced a video in order to illustrate the item he has made. In the video, it has been shown that this special jeans neither absorbs any sort of liquid nor any thing can infect it.

As for the preparation this peculiar jeans, a special type of thread has been employed to fabricate it. The thread does not let it get wet as well as it wards off any odour from it. The jeans was prepared in Pakistan.

Here is the Video:

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