Pakistan Ranked 36th in Happy Planet Index 2016

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 27/09/2016)

Lack of democracy, corruption, inadequate availability of necessities and despite crushing by the inefficient rulers for past seventy years the people of Pakistan know how to live happily and how to manage a smile even for a while.

The recently released report by the United Kingdom-based New Economic Foundation (NEF) has placed Pakistan at 36th position in its annual report of World Happiness Report. “Pakistan achieves a Happy Planet Index Score of 31.5 and ranks of 36th of all the countries analysed”, a note on the website of Happy Planet Index states.

It worth to mention here that Pakistan HPI position is better than Finland, New Zealand, Iceland, France, Ireland, and Germany. “The Happy Planet Index measures what matters: sustainable well-being for all. It tells us how well nations are doing at achieving long, happy, sustainable lives,” reads the website developed by NEF for the report.

“Pakistan’s well-being and life expectancy scores are relatively low, yet they are significantly higher than those of countries with similar levels of GDP per capita.”

What Pakistan has got this year is remarkable as the country is struggling to combat war & terror, extremism, and corruption.




36th / 140

LIFE EXPECTANCY 102nd of 140

65.7 years

WELLBEING 78th of 140

5.1 / 10


0.8 gha/p

INEQUALITY 120th of 140


HPI has also give a note on Human Rights in Pakistan as well as: “Human rights abuses are a problem in most of the world, including in some of the high-ranking countries in the Happy Planet Index results. While the Happy Planet Index  may reflect some of adverse impacts of these abuses, it does not seek to measure this directly.”

The top 20 happiest countries are:

  •     Costa Rica, 44.7 [Previous rank: 1]
  •     Mexico, 40.7 [Previous rank: 22]
  •     Colombia, 40.7 [Previous rank: 3]
  •     Vanuatu, 40.6 [Previous rank: n/a]
  •     Vietnam, 40.3 [Previous rank: 2]
  •     Panama, 39.5 [Previous rank: 7]
  •     Nicaragua, 38.7 [Previous rank: 8]
  •     Bangladesh, 38.4 [Previous rank: 11]
  •     Thailand, 37.3 [Previous rank: 20]
  •     Ecuador, 37.0 [Previous rank: 23]
  •     Jamaica, 36.9 [Previous rank: 6]
  •     Norway, 36.8 [Previous rank: 29]
  •     Albania, 36.8 [Previous rank: 18]
  •     Uruguay, 36.1 [Previous rank: 93]
  •     Spain, 36.0 [Previous rank: 62]
  •     Indonesia, 35.7 [Previous rank: 14]
  •     El Salvador, 35.6 [Previous rank: 5]
  •     Netherlands,35.3 [Previous rank: 67]
  •     Argentina, 35.2 [Previous rank: 17]
  •     Philippines, 35.0 [Previous rank: 25]


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