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Punjab Govt. to launch Computerized Test System for Driving License Applicants

(Last Updated On: 27/09/2016)

If you would have ever applied for driving license you would have known how tiring task it is as you have to stand in long queues for hours to wait for your turn without concerning how hot the weather is.

Now the things are changing as Punjab Government is all set to introduce “Electronic Driving Centers”, where the driving license applicants will be giving their test on car simulator rather then actual cars.

Making it simpler, the driving test will be computerized test which will be taken indoor. According to the sources, this system will be taken in practice from October at provincial capital, Lahore.

The computerized driving Test will be of several minutes, and the applicant would have to take at least 75 marks to get driving license. Apart from driving on simulator, applicants basic knowledge about driving will also be judged by different questions.

Chief Traffic Officer Tayyab Hafeez Cheema talking about this initiative told, “According to this new system, citizens would give their driving test through a computerized as well as biometric system in every test center across the city.”

The electronic driving centers will be set citywide in Arfa Software Technology Park, Police L.O.S Traffic Police Center Thokar Niaz Baig, Police Lines, LCCHS Defence and CTO Lahore’s office, and the one carrying a valid learner driving permit will be allowed to apply for the Test.

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