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Pakistan’s first dating & social networking App ‘Poondi’ on its way to launch

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 06/04/2016)

The social media has taught the netizens that being notorious is also tactic to be in the limelight. A startup from Pakistan is on its way to break all the stereotypes regarding Pakistani society.

The startup Poondi is just going to make this App live in several days, it is pertinent to mention here that this App will be marked as the first dating and social networking app of Pakistan.

This startup comes in when there is a strong competition between the social media portals as many users have decided what they have to use or not, but even though one can’t deny that a local social networking site will be a superb thing to witness. The name of the App better tells that this will be quite handy for the local users.

What is Poondi App?

  • Personal Messenger
  • Friend locator
  •  Date finder

In October 2014, the idea and concept of this App came up, later due to lack of funding this couldn’t get a break but now its not that far away from you.

The android version of Poondi will be getting a launch on April 15 and later the iOS version will be going live by mid-May.

Founder of Poondi App

Asher Jamil, the founder of Poondi App telling why they had choose name Poondi of this product told TechJuice: “We picked this particular name because we feel it will be a unique selling point for our app help in marketing it. This name would attract users especially those from the Pakistan and India region. This would help the app to quickly rise up in the app store charts. Moreover, we feel the word poondi isn’t bad in itself but has become so in our culture over time. With our app we are hoping to change that mindset.”

Know more about Poondi

Poondi App/Facebook

Discover new happening places around you.

Are you tired of using multiple apps for messaging, dating and social networking then your hassle ends here, this is the App for You!Now get your Personal Messenger, Friend locator and Date finder all in one App!Plus it has one of a kind feature!Now find out nearby hot trending places in your mobile.The feature shows places nearby with maximum number of people in a list view or map view. Not only that but you can see how many girls and boys are present allowing you to be a part of the most happening crowd and communicate with them.

Posted by PoondiApp on Monday, January 4, 2016

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