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Pakistan’s Major Cities Name and Their Meaning

(Last Updated On: 30/09/2016)

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was constituted on 14th August 1947 as an independent state. The cities and provinces here were recognized as Sates Organization Act that was later on adopted by the India as States Reorganization Act of 1956.

After getting independence Pakistan had also rearranged cities and provinces boundaries along linguistic lines, many cities were given names according to their language, and even on the name of famous local and regional celebrities. There are also many cities that are named due to their peculiar history, geographical characteristic, and even colonial influences.


The Area of the Muslims14433102_1660792314250134_1013606978852881247_n


It was the homeland of Rawal tribe14516352_1660792340916798_1984984567216696182_n


Was founded on the name of a Baloch named Kalacho14495265_1660792394250126_7089810841840866212_n


First named as Nroon Kot and later on changed by Kalhoras on the name of Hazrat Ali (R.A)14517661_1660792417583457_1311438507784389672_n


Due to professional people, it called as Peshawar14463128_1660792437583455_1234726925299179637_n


Quetta is derived from Qawata that means castle14494848_1660792454250120_1241235487955137697_n

Toba Tek Singh

Named after a Sikh, Teeko Singh14517354_1660792467583452_4124612747851453682_n


The combined name of two words Sir and Godha that means pool and Saint respectively14519810_1660792517583447_8373673545815965356_n


This city was organized by ruler of that area Nawab Bahwal Khan14470664_1660792530916779_1910817576264375390_n


One of the historical cities that was once named Kessa Pur14517374_1660792550916777_5990082791475640338_n

Faisal Abad

First, it was named after the name of Sir James Loyal then Governor Punjab and later on named after the name of King of Saudi Arabia Shah Faisal14502934_1660792574250108_1166911054228610338_n

Raheem Yar Khan

Named after Nawab Raheem Yar Khan Abbasi14484773_1660792600916772_3488984572188458616_n

Abul Hakim

Named after Southern Punjab famous saint14433021_1660792637583435_8251012027773052914_n


It was the homeland of Sahi tribe that’s why named as Sahiwal14484990_1660792680916764_9881428279417917_n


Another historical city14485082_1660792700916762_3225385809329956800_n


The Gujar migrants of Amritsar changed its name Gujranwala from Khan Pur14517495_1660792724250093_6841390598862849532_n


Named after the name of Mughal Ruler Noor ul Din Saleem Jahangir14494899_1660792744250091_4836011117064399062_n


One of the oldest cities in the world14485144_1660792857583413_2855908302110848216_n


The central point of Gandhara Civilization14519933_1660792920916740_2019168579029845476_n


Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi V was the head of this state14519839_1660792974250068_2574592524500896772_n


A city populated by Nawab of Multan Muzaffar Khan14446223_1660793020916730_6530829190355278719_n


Named after the name of a Sufi saint Mian Ali14492603_1660793054250060_5608184944128310612_n

Dera Ghazi Khan

The central point of Pakistan that connect the all provinces14494848_1660793074250058_7348442312959338075_n


Changed from Jhugi Sial to Jhang14484661_1660793107583388_5582734805434205076_n

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