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Pakistan’s Progress on Anti-Ballistic Missile System

Four a country that is surrounded by unpredictable enemies, it need to make progress in defense system. They ways of defense systems have been changing gradually.

If you have a neighbor country like India, two Muslims countries like Iran and Afghanistan and all these are unpredictable too then you will need to significant attention on your educations system. The development in Pakistani missile system started in 1987 as a response to defense system of India. Rather than developing and designing chemical weapons, Pakistan has made progress in developing short to medium range anti-ballistic missile systems backed by the computer guided system.

We all are familiar with ballistic missile system of Pakistan, but I bet most of us have no idea about Pakistan Anti-Ballistic Missile System.

There are only a few countries that have full-fledged anti ballistic missile system. Most of the countries have started to develop this system since the beginning of 2000. Pakistan is also paying grave concern over this section. Developments are being made in this area despite the fact it is still behind many times from Pakistan striking missile systems.

Chinese Interceptor Missile Defense System

For past many years, Pakistan is striving to get the Chinese Interceptor Missile Defense System that is known as high altitude and anti-ballistic missile system. Pakistan needs to purchase this defense system. However, it will not be easy for Pakistan to get this system because it needs significant budget cuts and consent on the part of both countries.

Russian A-35 Anti-Ballistic Missile System

Pakistan is also interested in Russian developed A-35 Anti-Ballistic Missile System. But again it involves billions of dollars. At the local level, the scientists of KRL, DESTO and NESCOM are striving to make progress.

At local levels, Pakistan has made some progress on Surface to Air Missiles Systems, Surface to Sear Missiles Systems and Air to Surface Missiles Systems. These three systems, however, can’t be termed as the full-fledged anti-ballistic missile systems but can give a little performance in a time of emergency. Let’s have a look on these.

As we have already said, Pakistan has currently no full fledge anti-ballistic missile system but have something to use in time of need.



Anza Mk 1: Range 1,200 m to 4,200 m

Anza Mk 2: Range 500 m to 5,000 m

Anza Mk 3: 6,000 m

Zarb Missile

Zarb Missile is an anti-ship missile developed by Pakistan Navy. Again it is not an anti-ballistic missile. Its range is 300km.

HJ-8: It is an anti-tank missile system

H-2 SOW: Anti-craft missile system

H-4 SOW: Anti-craft missile system

Barq: Air to surface missile system

How Anti Ballistic Missile Works

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