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PML-N President Youth Wing Dubai resigns over Panama Papers (Video)

The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is back after the London’s tour, meanwhile the opposition is all set to stage protest over Sharif’s family possessing offshore companies and over not showing the total money they posses.

Right after the Panama Papers leak it seemed that government was in some serious pressure but now after getting their allies on board, they are reliving all the pressure steadily.

But still it seems that Panama leak issue is yet not over for the PML-N-led government as many of the leaders and government officials in foreign countries have stepped down over the matter.

A video of President PML-N Youth leader Dubai’s video of resignation is circulating on the internet. The video is shared by different politicians and celebrities to show that people within PML-N have no faith remained on their party because of the Sharif family’s moves to get tax evasion and hide their money in foreign accounts.

Syed Hashim Sabzwari, is the PML-N Youth president of Dubai who have announced resignation from the party over Panama leaks release. The resignation video he made is going viral as apart from parting ways from PML-N, he openly criticized the PML-N leadership and Sharif family.

He also bashed the PML-N leaders, and also asked the people to stand against corruption. Here is the 7-minute video of this PML-n leader that is going viral:



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