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PSL 2016 Opening Ceremony: Ali Zafar and Sean Paul all set to rock on!

(Last Updated On: 21/01/2016)

Hardly wait of around two weeks, and Pakistanis will be having their very own cricketing league. The league will be kicking off from February 4 2016. And as the makers of this league have mentioned numerous times that this league will be the 2nd biggest cricket league in the history of cricket after the Indian Premier League (IPL). To make it as gigantic as the neighboring cricket league, PCB and PSL governing body has been taking several bold steps. Undoubtedly, which are anticipating the Pakistanis and making them go crazy all around to explore their own cricket extravaganza.

The very latest official confirmation of the opening ceremony of PSL has not only made Pakistanis go crazy, at the same time it has also entice the international viewers. As the PSL official Twitter handle have unveiled that the Pakistani singer Ali Zafar will be performing on the opening ceremony along with Jamaican hip hop rapper- singer Sean Paul. Yeah, this worked as icing on the cake and the sources also told that the opening event will be a houseful show, with some national and international celebrities. The other thing which is also revealed by a reliable source is that the legends of Pakistan Cricket will also be invited to the event.


The picture which is being portrayed by the PSL official looks just a like dream come true for the cricket manic of Pakistan. As the PSL 2016 seems to be a big blow on the board and the hype and sensation it has created is something that anyone can’t undermine.

On the other hand, the teams participating in PSL are also getting huge support and the way they are putting on their promotional activities that tells that the whole of the nation has got involved in making this league a mighty hit. As the stars heading from showbiz have been extending their supports for this league, which is fulfilling the words of PSL officials, who vowed that PSL will not be merely a cricketing event as it will be getting all of the national stars on the board.

After a a long wait for PSL, as it took around six years to finally incept this idea, the Pakistani fans can proudly say, “Good things come to him who wait.”

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