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Mobilink initiates HD Voice Calling nationwide

(Last Updated On: 21/01/2016)

The Number 1 3G telco of Pakistan has once again proved the actual reason of staying on number 1, as the VimpelCom brainchild is a way ahead then the other cellular service providers in Pakistan, when it comes to 3G services and the new innovative services. Here it should be also kept mentioned that the other point which makes Mobilink superior is the vast coverage, as it is always been the first to show its presence even in the rural areas.

In a latest bid, to make it more comfortable and convenient for its customers, Mobilink has officially kicked off their HD voice calling services nationwide. Here it should be mentioned that from last quarter of  2015, Mobilink was experimenting this service at selected areas, and now after getting it alright, the telco has officially launched this service nationwide. Mobilink has its 3G coverage in more than 200+ cities and posses the 2nd most number of 3G users after Telenor.

Many of the people are pondering about what  actually the HD Voice Calling is, as it is really something new for Pakistani users. In general, when we hear about the word ‘HD’(High-Definition), we quickly get in our minds that it is about the improved video quality. Very similar to this the HD voice calling is the better experience of voice call in terms of quality, clarity, and loudness.

The HD voice calling service might be the handy service when you are struck in a noisy traffic jam or are at boisterous party as in this service Mobilink has studded filters which clear the background noise heard on the normal calls. The TVC unveiled over this service gestures that the service gives so clear voice quality as it fells that the communication is being done while the other person is standing in front of you.

Here it should be kept clear that it can be availed as like other regular calls and it doesn’t have any charges. What all you need to avail this offer is have a HD calling compatible cellphone and should be in the range where Mobilink 3G service is available. Just do as you do the normal voice calls but the point is that the person to whom you are talking should also have 3G compatible mobile in coverage area.

Mobilink top official commented over the availability of this service as follows, we learnt from ProPakistani.pk:

“Introduction of HD Voice delivers the best call quality to our customers, something, which customers tell us is important to them, ” said Asif Aziz, Head of Marketing – Mobilink, adding, “this new service will enrich end-user experience for our customers, while being another important step towards our commitment to deliver the most innovative services through our exceptional 3G network.”

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