PTCL Smart Link App for Smartphones Activation Guide

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 11/09/2016)

Another news came from the house of Pakistani Telecommunication Limited (PTCL). Actually, the news is about the relaunching of a service of PTCL named SmartLink App. The app that was launched about two years ago is doing well for the smartphone users of PTCL.

Nothing is new here except the addition of some new features. Just like the first version of Smart Link, the latest version will also give the customers freedom of making and receiving landlines calls from smartphones. For this customers will also require having app install on their Android or iOS smartphone.14316819_1085170904899524_2437383121677732669_n

There are subscription and monthly charges at all. In addition to making calls, the customers can also enjoy the messaging and video calling features as well. Now you will not be forced to miss a call because you are not near the phone. You can attend the call right from your smartphone because you have to make the setting of your landline number in your smartphone via Smart Link application of PTCL.

Here is the procedure to enjoy this service of PTCL:

First, download the Smart Link app for Android from here and iOS from here.

Install the application and open it. Now click on Register button.

Properly fill the registration form mentioning all PTCL details like Name, CNIC#, Account ID, Phone Number and Email ID.

If your credentials matched, you will be registered for the Smart Link service of PTCL. Now you can make and receive a call. Any call make on your landline number will appear on the phone as a notification and in the same manner, you can make the calls as well.

The other thing that is required is a 3G connection on WiFi to use the service. The recently launched app will make you able to make video calls and do chatting with friends as well.

For the information of the readers, only those users are allowed to use this service who have a landline number.

Final Verdict:

While there is still opportunity to get better, PTCL SmartLink application is an awesome activity from the media transmission organization to enable its landline clients. To the extent making application to-application calls is concerned, PTCL SmartLink application doesn’t generally offer any extra preferred standpoint over standard correspondence applications like Skype or Viber; be that as it may, the capacity to make and get calls to/from landline/versatile clients specifically on cell phone application unquestionably has its benefits. In addition, if your landline is occupied or isn’t got in time, the call exchange will guarantee you never miss a call.

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