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PTI Chairman Imran Khan pushing a truck to clear the road: Images and Video

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 27/01/2016)

Imran Khan spellbound his political opponents with the results he gained in 2013 elections, as his party emerged as one of the strongest political party of Pakistan. Although this was not the very first time when he proved himself, the latter have numerous time shown his capability and greatness. From the cricketing grounds to political rallies he have always been hot favorite of the people all across the Pakistan.

Imran Khan, who is nowadays voicing against the VIP culture once again proved his point that the leaders can also live in a modest way as the other countrymen do. Revising what is mentioned above, this is not the very first time when Khan is being appreciated for his do’s. Since his teenage he have been in the news and grew up as the leader of the captain team who made the team able enough to bag the Worldcup in 1992.

He didn’t ended up just winning a title in the game of cricket, he made Cancer hospital in Pakistan, fully studded with latest equipment. And later raised his arms to set a political party, but after making a long struggle he was able to make his party known among masses.

This phenomenal hero of cricket grounds is regarded as one of the greatest cricketers ever witnessed in this gentleman’s game.

And now he again made his way into the headlines as he was traveling from Bani Gala to the airport to get back to Lahore but amid this  a truck, whose breaks were fail was creating a traffic blockage. The leaders himself got out of his car and along with other people standing pushed this truck aside to clear the road.

The media and millions of Pakistani perceived it as a good gesture, as rather than resting in luxury of his car he came out and led the people to fix the matter.




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