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Qandeel Baloch Killed by Her Brother in Multan City

Social media queen Qandeel Baloch killed in Multan on Saturday as reported by Express Tribune.Cnd2v5MWYAE8Bdd

According to RPO Multan, she was shoot down by her brother. The internet sensation was trending over the internet for her bold song BAN and marriage case. Recently the ex-husband of QB claimed that she married thrice at different points while some sources were claiming she married twice and had a son of eight years.

Initial reports claimed, she has been strangles to death by her brother in her house in Multan. It worth to mention here that she has been murdered after the revelation of her three marriages. Qandeel Baloch was also requesting to the authorities to provide her security. The request was directly sent by her to Ministry of Interior Affairs that was rejected.

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Right after the breaking of the news, people took to the social media platform where they are sharing their views on the incident.

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