Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza starrer ‘Bachaana’ trailer out

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(Last Updated On: 05/01/2016)

Pakistan film industry seems unstoppable as the filmmakers have unleashed their potential and are gearing super-solid films without wasting their time. The Industry in which single film was produced after a long pause but that wasn’t even able to satisfy the Pakistani moviegoers. And now the every latest release is a step ahead than the previous and dozens of the film are just in phase to crack out and rock seems that soon they will be making it onto the screens.

The recent release of Pakistan, Ho Mann Jahann made cross-border envious of Pakistani actors and makers brilliance but this wasn’t the end at all as Pakistan cinema has much more to show.

The latest buzz is about the Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza starrer ‘Bachaana’ which is scheduled to be released on February 26.

Today in an event the filmmakers unveiled the trailer of the film in the star-studded environment and the support and love people has granted, it will not be wrong to term it the next big thing of Pakistan film Industry.

Although, we can’t underestimate the others in align but the thing is that it will be marking the silver screen debut of the extremely talented Sanam Saeed, and it will not be wrong to underrate one of the superb actresses of Pakistan drama industry. Apart from Sanam, the film holds Mohib Mirza and Adeel Hashmi in the lead roles.

The other thing which might also assure the mighty success for the film is the scenarios being captured at Mauritius, which will surely be captivating the viewers.

The trailer unveils that Mohib Mirza will be playing the Pakistani boy, whereas, Sanam Saeed will be playing an Indian girl. The story is about the romantic epic journey of the duo, amid which they also faced some hurdles.

The film which will be released under banner of Hum Films, was earlier called as the film to bridge the gaps and differences between India and Pakistan by the lead actress Sanam Saeed, and that make the film more highly anticipated, as it will be a big question that what impact it would be living on the neighboring country.


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