Stay healthy Lahoris! PFA develops grading system for 85 eateries


It will never be wrong to call the year 2015 as the year of Punjab Food Authority, as their dominance under the Director of Operations PFA Ayesha Mumtaz has been several times in headlines in the past year.


PFA has indiscriminately been taking off severe steps against the eateries and restaurant who have failed to be up on the level to maintain the safety measurements. The avowed apolitical PFA also sealed several  known eateries and many others were fined.

The latest initiative which PFA has launched is the grading system of the 85 eateries of the Lahore city and furthermore, the PFA director General Dr. Sajjad Chauhan was with off the decision to expand the recently launched grading system to the other districts of the province Punjab.

To bid to assure the safety of the people, PFA authorities have placed the 85 eateries into 4 groups according to their food quality.

Here are the categories and what they symbolized for:

A: 90-100 score, PFA remarks it: Zero Risk
B: 80-89 score, PFA remarks it: negligible risk
C: 70-79 score, PFA remarks it: Low Risk
D:  60-69 score, PFA remarks it:  Medium Risk


Below 60 score, PFA will seal as it is called high-risk category.

As mentioned above around 85 of the eateries have been graded in the current grading report, out of which,  38 are placed in category A, 31 books there places in B category, 12 restaurants were positioned in C category and 4 were placed in the category D.

Hereby, it is also mentioned that the grading system will also be used to develop the inspection scheduled of the eateries in Lahore and under this plan the Category A will be inspected every three months, Category B every two months, Category C every month and Category D every fortnight.

Here check out the complete list of the eateries placed in the categories: PFA Food grading


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