Suzuki Used Cars Gala 2016; Chance to Buy, Sell and Exchange Cars

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 14/07/2016)

Suzuki has made it possible to get the car of your choice. With Suzuki Certified Used cars, you can be assured that you will get the best value for your money. This year one-day event for Suzuki Certified Cards Galas will be organized in Karachi on August 21, 2016.Buy Banner

It is your chance to buy, sell or exchange cars at Suzuki Certified Used Cards Galas. Now you can own a good quality vehicle without spending as much money along with trust, faith, loyalty and unmatched priority services. If you will buy, you will enjoy the authorized 3S (Sale, Service & Spares) dealerships of Suzuki across Pakistan. On each used car, Suzuki will offer warranty up to one year and three free services.

In the same manner, you can exchange your existing Suzuki car with new one and the Pak Suzuki will give you an opportunity to exchange your used cars with new ones and get best deals possible, easy transfer of documents, transparent & reliable deal, exchange bonus, financing & insurance facility availability, etc.Exchange Banner

Selling of used vehicles is very easy with Pak Suzuki. One could easily sell his car at Suzuki Certified Used Cards Galas. Willing sellers can sell their five years old used Suzuki vehicles with full confidence under the Suzuki Certified Used Cards Program. Immediate payments on the deal will be made by Suzuki. The car that you will sell to Suzuki will be refurbished, certified by the engineers of Suzuki and then properly transferred in the name of the new buyer.Sell Banner

Suzuki Certified Used Cards Galas offers you a wide range of new and refurbished vehicles in replacement of your old vehicle of any make, model, color, etc. If you need to exchange your old car with a new one then being it at the event and it will be evaluated by the Pak Suzuki. By just paying the difference amount you can have the brand new Suzuki vehicle of your choice.

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