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Taher Shah’s ‘Angel’ song becomes a laughing stock

(Last Updated On: 09/04/2016)

The seasonal singer Tahir Shah is once again back and has shaken the web, upon his arrival he is right now one of the most discussed person in India and Pakistan.

Taher’s ‘Angel’ song was a much-awaited song of the year, and with its release his fans are on cloud 9.

Even the international media has given special coverage over the sensation this song has created in just hours of its release.

Shah’s first song ‘Eye to Eye’, released back in 2013 was also a superb song that ruled the charts at that time and now with release of ‘Angel’ it seems that people were waiting for this track as the drought-stricken waits for water.


Especially, the video of Taher’s latest release is highly appreciated by the audience. The X factor which Shah is blessed with is uniqueness and utmost creativity, and with all this he is getting his place into the headlines.

On the other hand, many people also listen Taher as one of the notorious singer, who got his place in to limelight with his different antics, very similarly these people also troll Shah in a satirical way.

Tahir Shah becomes laughing stock yet again with ‘Angel’ release








Tahir Shah’s ‘Angel’ video song


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