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What is NADRA e-Sahulat, What are KIOSK Services?

(Last Updated On: 09/04/2016)

NADRA was the first institute in Pakistan to launch electronic payment system in Pakistan. The e-payment system initiated by NADRA was titled as e-Sahulat. Before the introduction of e-Sahulat by NADRA, KIOSKS centers developed by NADRA were doing the same work. It can be now said as that e-payment system of NADRA has been transformed to e-Sahulat from NADRA KIOSK. In most of the places, NADRA KIOSK centers are still working.

At present, almost 23% share of the utility bill market is being held by the NADRA e-Sahulat. This article will further cover the facilities and services covered by the NADRA e-Sahulat and NADRA KIOSK Services.

What is NADRA e-Sahulat?

e-Sahulat is the electronic payment system that was first launched by NADRA in Pakistan. E-Sahulat of NADRA is now working in almost 12000 active franchises of NADRA across the country. Bill payment and money transfer are the basic services of NADRA e-Sahulat.

Services Offered by e-Sahulat:

NADRA e-Sahulat is being used for the purpose of following transactions:

  • Bill Payment
  • Money Transfer – Domestic Remittance
  • Disbursement
  • Citizen Verification
  • Microfinance Loan Collection
  • Donation Collection
  • Fee Collection
  • PAK-ID CNIC Fee Collection
  • e-Pins (Scratch Cards)
  • EOBI Pension Disbursement
  • Sindh Zakat Disbursement


KIOSK is the electronic point of sale (ePOS) developed by NADRA that can be utilized for e-transaction in real time. It is based on ATM-like machine and allows the users to manage their personal accounts using cash as the payment instrument. NADRA KIOSK enables its users to access securely personal accounts and offers a convenient low-cost alternative for bill payments and other electronic transactions without compromising customer convenience.

The services of KIOSK can be availed by using ID card or smart card issued by NADRA for this purpose. In Pakistan, these KIOSKS have been installed at public places and are connected to NADRA’s National Data Warehouse through secure internet connections. High-level encryption ensures the protection of an individual’s data being transmitted to the warehouse for verification.


Payments are made by inserting the cash directly into KIOSK cash acceptor. Once the cash is accepted, the payment is immediately posted through KIOSK network. Customers can navigate through multiple choice languages and undertaken financial transactions which will be completed once printed receipt is issued.NADRA

Services Offered by KIOSK

  • All Utility Bills Payment System
  • Creation of Virtual Accounts like e-Wallet
  • Availability of all Mobile Scratch Cards

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