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TCS COD (Cash on Delivery) Service


The trend of online shopping is increasing in Pakistan. With the increasing demand for online shopping and trading, the numbers of fraudulent are also increasing. Now the buyers in Pakistan like to go shopping with those online retailers offering cash on delivery (COD) service.


For the assistance of the online retailers, TCS is offering its COD services making these retailers send the goods to the customers and get cash on behalf of the TCS. TCS Ecom Solutions is a product catering to the needs of all aspirational E-Retailers who want the quick flow of goods to their customers. From simple shipment preparation to seamless last-mile deliveries, TCS Ecom Solutions offers a complete range of services including updated shipment tracking, timely email, and SMS alerts, easy transfer of funds, and convenient return solutions to bolster and support your online business.

The COD system of TCS named E-Retail Portal is the best center for shipment preparation, booking, and tracking. E-Portal of TCS will make these online retailers get a proper web-based management system to eliminate the need for paperwork, send the goods to customers and safely collect the price from the customers.


Services Being Offered by the TCS to Online Retailers for COD Services

    • E-Retail Portal
    • Pick-up from Premises
    • Multiple Delivery Options
    • Tracking
    • Email & SMS Notifications
    • Weekly Cash Transfer
    • Customized Delivery as per Payment Option
    • Hold for Collection Shipments
    • Warehousing
    • Shipper and Consignee Support

E-Retail Portal:

TCS provides a user-friendly E-retail portal which you can use to avail the desired services of TCS anytime from any part of Pakistan. The company will provide you the products and mails on time to assist you to remain connected to your loved ones and clients for cheap. TCS portals have the presence of all services and products that you can buy and avail. The numbers of the service provider will be provided to you to get the best service.

Pick-up from premises:

Unlike other delivery and shipment services, TCS provides you the softest hand in this Coronavirus pandemic to assist you. The company sends its boys to your houses to offer you the service of picking up material from your place to deliver at the mentioned location. However, rates differ according to the distance but TCS guarantees to deliver it safely and for cheaper than other services. You can check out the site to know the prices of pick-up from the premises.

Multiple delivery options:

You can be either an entrepreneur or a seller who is looking for a service that could deliver orders at different places in a day; therefore, TCS is there with the service of multiple delivery options that allows you to hand the delivery boy ample things to deliver at different sites. Although the service can be pricier than other services of TCS, the products will be delivered on time to the mentioned addresses and location.


With the utilization of digitization and latest technology, TCS provides you the complete tracking system which you can use to track where your parcel or delivery item is. All you have to do is to type the code on the webpage and click enter to get all information. At many times you won’t get desired information about the mail but patience can give you better results because our service depends on technology and people who might need time to give the tightest information.

Email and SMS notification:

Showing all services on the portal and providing drivers is not enough. There is a need to tell the customer about the parcel all the time. TCS understands how much it gives you the anxiety to have no information if your parcel has reached the location or if it is on the way. Therefore, the company shows its compassion and loyalty by informing you about the parcel and mail. Emails and messages are sent to you along with the link so that you can track it all the time.

Weekly Cash Transfer:

At the time of lockdown and Ramadan, you might need to send or receive payment after every few days to meet the expenses and get some relaxation in this tough situation of pandemic. Therefore, TCS brings you the service of transferring cash from one account to another every week for cheap. All you need to have a phone and CNIC to bring some ease in the lives of people who are connected to you and who need your soft hand.

Customizer Delivery as per payment option:

TCS knows that there are businesses and services that are still working. They know that some services need drivers and cab services to cater to them to reach their clients before the deadline. That’s the reason why the shipping service gives you can opt to customize the delivery. You can select the day and time of your choice to deliver the parcel and item. All you have to do is to go their place and give them parcel or you can avail their pick-from premises to deliver it with customization.

Hold for collection shipments:

TCS provides the facility to ship the services and products at different sites. However, a person has to go to the station to collect the parcel or delivered item of the company but it does not mean that they have to go instantly. TCS can keep your parcels and boxes with them for five to ten days so that you can come comfortably to pick them when you are free. The company guarantees to keep your belongings safe and secure.


The services of TCS are not limited to delivering small packages. The company can pick all of your materials and provides the facility of shipping and delivering warehouse to the desired location or address. Besides pick and pack, you can avail of the facilities of warehousing fulfillment and warehouse storage at TCS. There is a 100 percent guarantee at TCS to keep all of your materials or your company’s products safe and secure. You have the option to check them and then file complain as well.

Shipper and Consignee Support:

TCS values etiquette and respect. Therefore, instead of giving tough time to buyers and sellers on the consignee to get shipping payment on time, the company provides shipping and consignee support that gives you the facility to choose who would pay: buyer or seller. Besides, TCS provides you some time to pay if you have shipped tons of things or availed their warehouse shipment services. The shipping service is always ready to cater to you but it requests clients to be patient and calm.

Now you can simply register with the system of TCS by creating an account and start shipping and getting payment across Pakistan. The Ecom Solution of TCS will provide you speed, reach, and reliability to help you grow your web based business.

For those online retailers interested in enjoying COD services of the TCS are required to register with TCS at to create an account. Fill the form properly. The screenshot for the form is given below.

Faisal Sardar

Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan. He is also co-founder of this project.