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WhatsApp goes down in Pakistan for the third time in this week

(Last Updated On: 22/05/2016)

If you are facing some serious trouble while trying to connect with friends on WhatsApp, then its not your Wi-Fi fault or your gadget troubling as WhatsApp has gone down today for the third time in this week. Although, the actual reason behind this happening is still not known, the clueless enthusiasts are just scratching their heads to get to know about the actual reason which forced WhatsApp to go offline for the third time in one week.

Users told that outage of this application was less than an hour for the all three times and they weren’t able to connect to WhatsApp on both Android and iOS. The people who were already using WhatsApp weren’t able to respond the existing chats or go for the new one.

WhatsApp went offline today in afternoon followed up by two outages on Wednesday and Saturday.

PTA while responding about WhatsApp going offline told that they aren’t doing this , one the other hand, many of the tech-enthusiasts think that government is testing their abilities to block certain applications in Pakistan

WhatsApp posses over 1 billion user base around the globe, although this offline issue is just seems to be Pakistan specific as no other country has reported this in recent times.

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