Telenor 4G Launched in Pakistan: Subscription Method, Codes and Charges


Telenor has finally make debut in the 4G networking in Pakistan and become the third cellular company in the list of 4G network providing cellular companies in Pakistan.Telenor_4G-598x1024


After getting 850 MHz technology in a recent auction, Telenor has started to provide this improved technology to its customers. According to this new service, Telenor has stated, “This new technology is structured so they can have access to high-speed mobile internet. This new technology is structured to reduce the time it takes to send and receive data online, giving a better internet experience than 3G with a visible difference in browsing, gaming, streaming and downloading.”

Telenor has initially launched this service in three major cities on a trial basis. These include Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, and Swat. Telenor has planned to expand this coverage very soon.

Activating or subscribing got the Telenor 4G service is simple. The subscribers are required to be in 4G coverage and need to have 4G 850 supported smartphone and a 4G ready to use SIM to use only Telenor 4G.


Here are Friendly Asked Questions by Telenor

Will Telenor 4G work on Prepaid & Postpaid both?

Yes, Telenor 4G will work both on Pre & Postpaid connections.

What would be charges for 4G internet?

Telenor 4G is currently free for all users. It is a limited time offer.

What are the advantages of Telenor Pakistan’s 4G over other 4G networks in Pakistan?

Telenor’s 4G will have improved indoor coverage and better reach in comparison to the other operators because of its superior operating frequency band 850 MHz for 4G.

What are the prerequisites of 4G high-speed data?

Telenor 4G can be experienced as long as the subscriber is within 4G coverage area and has 4G 850 band compatible mobile handset, tablet or dongle, and Telenor 4G Ready SIM.

For 4G to work, customers need a:

  • Telenor 4G Ready SIM
  • Smartphone that is compatible with 4G 850 band which are legally imported in Pakistan
  • Presence in 4G coverage area

What is the speed of Telenor 4G?

4G can have speeds up to 150mbps. However, speed isn’t guaranteed; speed will vary at different areas. Speed depends on the coverage, network load, number of users, customer handsets currently using the 4G network at that point of time.

How do subscribers activate Telenor 4G?

The subscribers need to be in 4G coverage area, needs to have a 4G 850 capable handset and a 4G ready SIM only to use Telenor 4G.

Will Telenor 4G network coverage be available across the country?

We are initially launching with selected areas in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, and Swat. 4G coverage will expand soon.

What happens when the subscriber moves out of Telenor 4G coverage?

When subscriber moves out of 4G coverage, he will be transferred seamlessly to 3G/EDGE depending on the service availability in the coverage area.

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  • hamza on 08/11/2018

    muja apni sim 4g krwni hi plz help me

  • Sheharyaar on 18/03/2017

    Mari sim 4g hay or call b 4g hay or 4g a ni raha

  • Manzoor ahmad on 24/02/2017

    meari sim telenor ki 3g ha osea 4g karna ha ?????

  • prince Vegeta on 03/02/2017

    I recently got Telenor 4G LTE sim, but My device supports only 3G.
    What should I do? I can’t receive even calls.

  • sakib ktk on 12/08/2016

    how to check telenor free mint and mb and sms checking

    • Ijaz on 24/02/2017


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