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Telenor introduces Internet Easyload Service

(Last Updated On: 07/01/2016)

Telenor Pakistan, undoubtedly have the largest internet users nationwide and their Internet initiatives are also somewhat behind their success. The Norwegian based company has the strong hold in different global markets and is recognized as one the largest Telecos globally.

Telenor has yet introduced another initiative, called Internet Easyload Service, which allows customers to get balance simply via Easyload and get it just dedicated for their internet usage. The other thing about this account is that you can neither take amount back from your internet dedicated balance and nor you can avail this by sharing or getting a card recharge.

Simply, you just have to charge your Internet Easyload, the very same way as you previously get the simple Easyload service. And further, you can get this dedicated balance for your internet usage.

In simple words, it is a kind of separate wallet, which allows you to get kind of a different account in which the balance is completely dedicated for the internet consumption.

The offer can be availed by the postpaid customers, Djuice and Telenor both and the handiest thing about is that you don’t have to get pre-registration or dial any code to avail such a beneficial service.

Price for using this dedicated internet is Rs 1 per 1 MB and this plan is applicable on both the 2G and 3G internet users of Telenor from any part of the country.

This internet balance is the very first service of its own kind gone live in Pakistan and none other than one of the top Telecos of Pakistan, Telenor have initiated it.

Here’s the chart which will further be clearing the Telenor’s initiative as it tells about the Internet Easyload amounts available to the subscriber.



  • Internet balance can be checked by *2000#.
  • Customers who don’t have internet settings activated can SMS ‘internet’ to 131 to get internet settings for their device.

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