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Thal Jeep Rally 2016 Timing, Venue, Details!

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 03/11/2016)

After the mighty success of Cholistan Rally, Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP) have yet again taken another bold step over over persistent demand of people of Muzaffargarh & Layyah. TDCP will be conducting rally in these areas, the car racing event named ‘Thal Rally’ will be held from 3 to 5 November, 2016.

The sole purpose of the event is to promote Southern Punjab as a winter tourist destination and to promote motor sports in Pakistan.

In the places where there are not many recreational activities this will be becoming a reason for local residents to enjoy their time.

Big names of Pakistan Jeep racing will also be joining for the race.

Nadir Magsi (Sindh), Ronni Patel (Karachi),Jam Kamal (Balochistan), Sahibzada Muhammad Ali Sultan (Jhang), Hassan Sadiq (Lahore),Mukesh Kumar Chawla (Karachi) will be few of the prominent racer taking part in this event.

180 km race track from Changa Manga Teela to Kermanwala via Jhok Wazirwala, Kheriwala, Gudara, Mehmoodwala, Sultanwala, Cha Hariwala, Cha Wasava, Cha Ganji, Choubara (midpoint), Dera Zulfiqar Lail, Dr Khizerwala, Cha Budh, Dogarwala, Radhu, Rakh Shergarh, Kher Farm, Bagga Sher, Laad, OP Mini, RM Mud, Cha Palaywala, Cha Peeruwala and Nabewala is already developed.

The registration of vehicles, tagging of vehicles, provision of navigators cards to drivers, medical check-up of drivers, provision of dry-ration and medical kits has also been done.

The even will be beginning from 3rd November 2016, details here:


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