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Top 10 Pakistani Android Apps

You will remain shocked to hear that in the year 2016 Pakistan was at number three in term of those countries that are rapidly growing in term of information technology. Pakistan is now one of the largest freelancers in the world as well. Writing and development are two primarily fields in which Pakistan has made significant progress in last two years, and the process is still on.

In this article, we will list down the Android apps developed by the Pakistani developers. Here we will like to make it clear; this list is not about those apps that are popular in Pakistan.

1. Groopic

Groopic has earned 8.7 points out of 10 from famous tech site CNET. This app is for the photo lovers who want to create complete group photos in three simple steps. It deploys the proprietary photo merging technology.

2. Zombie Party: Coin Mania

Zombie Party: Coin Mania is a gaming app that has been downloaded millions of time from the Google Play Store. Zombie Party: Coin Mania is basically a coin collecting game where the player can gain more score by collecting more score.

3. Kids ABC Learning Game

Kids ABC Learning Game is developed by the developers of Islamabad. This education app is best for kids. Using this app, the parents can arrange a professional tutor for their kids. Learning alphabets in gaming style is surely an interactive concept.

4. PunjNud Lughaat

PunjNud Lughaat is another app that is basically a dictionary app and developed by the Punjnud Software Solutions. This app is the collection of the regional languages of Pakistan. It is easy to teach Sindhi, Saraiki, Balochi and other languages using this app.

5. Angry Imran

From the developers of BrainFreeze, Angry Imran is an app based game that shows the aggression of PTI Chairman Imran Khan towards the other political parties. This game is influenced by the style of Angry Birds.

6. Whacksy Taxi

Whacksy Taxi is a fast-paced car racing game. The objective of the game is only one. Hit the accelerator and keep it high and collect more and more coins to lead on the score chart.

7. Maia Farm

Maia Farm is the exceptional combination of two types of games; mafia and farming. Maia Farm is basically like SIM game where you are required to set a land and craft it with buildings and other activities. However, in Maia Farm, you have to build a base for farming and other activities.

8. Run Sheeda Run

Run Sheeda Run is another top on the chart game developed by the Pakistan developer for the Android smartphones. The style is simple, the interface is awesome, and graphics are also catchy.

9. EatOye – Pakistan Food Delivery

EatOye – Pakistan Food Delivery is for the food lovers. This app will make them able to order food while visiting other cities and wherever they are. At present, EatOye – Pakistan Food Delivery is offering its services in twenty major cities of Pakistan including the metropolitan.

10. Islam 360

This app is for reading Holy Quran right from your Android smartphones. Moreover, the translation is also available in English, Urdu and Roman Urdu as well that can be searched out according to Parah and Surah.

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