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Agha Majid Aaro Grenade Left Khabardar and Joins ATV CiA

(Last Updated On: 19/12/2016)

The standup comedian has left Express-News and Aftab Iqbal leading comedy show Khabardar and has joined CiA of ATV. In a recent episode of Khabardar aired on December 18, 2016, one of the participants inquired about the continuous absent of Agha Majid aka Aaro Grenade in the show. In reply, the host and writer of Aftab Iqbal have said that there is no secret behind this that Agha Majid has left Khabardar on his own.

Why Agha Majid (Aroo Grenade) Left Khabardar – Aftab Iqbal Explains

Here is the statement by Aftab Iqbal in a live show.

Aftab Iqbal and team wished best of luck to Agha Majid for what he is looking for. He promised that thirty-five episodes that were recorded during Khabardar show in Canada in which Agha Majid also participated will surely be aired soon and this credit will remain at the name of Agha Majid.

Commenting on the decision of Agha Majid to say goodbye to the old fellows, Aftab Iqbal said that every artist and comedian is nothing without a powerful script or writer. It can be surely seen with the recent performance of Agha Majid in his recent comedy show CIA at ATV where the standup comedian is making nonsense jokes.

Agha Majid Aaro Grenade in CIA

Agha Majid along with Honey Albeela and Rubi Anam were working with Aftab Iqbal for past five years. Almost three years, Agha Majid worked with Aftab Iqbal in Khabarnak and almost one and half year he worked with Aftab Iqbal and Khabardar. The fans of Aaro Grenade are criticizing him badly for making a nonsense decision of joining a comedy show that has no worth and proper script at all.

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