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Toyota vs Honda in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 13/01/2016)

As we know that trends are never much long lasting, sometimes they can be totally opposite to what they were previously. The above-mentioned line also explains about the automobile sector in Pakistan. As at once the cars manufactured by the American and European dealers use to entice the Pakistani car enthusiasts and with some careful observation, it won’t be wrong to say that at that time these cars also poses some handsome market share.

Here it should be kept mentioned that the time period 50-80’s were a quite comfortable time for the European and American cars being imported in Pakistan. But after this, a gradually Japanese built cars turned the charts. And further, the cars built-in Pakistan with making a joint venture with international automobile companies become the top preference of the people of Pakistan. And this can further be explicated by telling that a whopping automobile market share is being held by these Pakistan and international coalition automobiles venture, which produced Pakistan builtin cars.

The makers keeping a keen eye on peoples choice produced the cars of around every type, whether we talk about Sedan cars or some small sized fuel efficient. The Pakistani built cars have been leading the way by far. In late 90’s these international ventures Honda and Toyota with their Pakistani collations started producing cars. Before the footstep of these two, Pak Suzuki have been commencing their cars since mid-80’s.

We can’t undermine the stronghold of Pak Suzuki when it is about the small fuel efficient cars as they have produced superb cars like Mehran and Cultus. But when we talk about the market of Sedans, we just get two major automobile productions in Pakistan, namely, Honda Atlas Motors and Toyota Indus Motors.

Now the question arises that which one is most opted and preferable in Pakistan.

Toyota (Indus) vs Honda (Atlas Motors)

They both poses some notable market share, which can never be underrated but here it will also be wrong to end without any conclusions about the prolong completion and rivilvary of Toyota and Honda. The Atlas Honda which was a joint venture of House of Habib Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan (TMC), and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan (TTC), commenced back in July 1990 in Pakistan. Although Honda Atlas Motors were also not much late as they got in the market in 1995. Since then, Honda Atlas launched their next three generations within no time (1995-2001).

Overall in Pakistan’s automobile sector the Indus-shape Corolla is one of the most evergreen car as for a long period it has been the top priority of consumers.

Toyota Indus is a step ahead than the Honda Atlas Motors but as mentioned above trends are there to be changed. So let’s wait and watch!

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