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Alamgir Khan’s ‘Fixit’ team initiated ‘Fixit App’

(Last Updated On: 13/01/2016)

The campaign ‘Fixit’ is getting popular among masses by every of the passing day. The authorities were dumbfounded after they thought ‘Fixit’ is meraly a campaign to have the slid of manholes back in the city Karachi. But the initiator of this campaign, who himself belongs to a known political party opened up the phase and increased their pace to highlight the severe issues of Karachi.

Alamgir Khan, who have been playing quite an active role in PTI, kept this project completely apolitical and called all the people. Even from different parties to stand for a cause. The campaign was launched to cope the civic issues and furthermore also emphasized on the rehabilitation and education of the orphans in the city.

In latest, the app name ‘Fixit’ is also launched by the team Fixit, which might be making this campaign grew even bigger. The app is simple to use with a worth meaning lying in. In the intial release of this application, it is just available for the android users.

The comapign which has now become equally pouplar on telemedia and social media began with highlighting the issue of manholes without caps. Although, the idea of rasing the eyebrows to get the attaention of the authorities was a way different from the typicial style of road-blocking, or tyre burning. As Mr Khan went through a keen observation of all the problems being faced by the Karachiites, to which he highlighted as ‘problems of Aam Aadmi of Karachi’.

Furthermore, he took an idea from abroad of drawing the portraits of authoritative person around the manholes and ask them to fit it. After doing so, he hurled himself into a controversery, and in reverse of it, an FIR was also registered against him.

But he showed his strength. And now the campaign, heading from Karachi has also got famous in other cities and people are trying to voice their problems in this way.

The recently, launched app is also one of the initiative to make this idea wide popular nationwide. As the app allows the one to post his/her pictures of the problems being faced and share it on the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.

Here you can get the Fixit app.

The team behind Fixit App

Screenshots of Fixit App






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